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Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Canon has a primary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TOPIX Core30 and Nikkei 225 index. It has a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

A former Digital field service engineer from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX says Canon Inc has a extremely high turnover rate in a review posted by INDEED: "Low pay and pay increases are 1% to 3% per year and difficult to attain, both employees and first line management have an extremely high turnover rate. if you have a human resources question about any company policy you are referred to your manager who then refers you back to HR and you never get an answer."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Dont work there.. you will regret seems nice at first but you will notice they will ask you to take on different roles if you are good... if you are not good at simple things then you will be let go"

Imaging clerk (Former Employee) says

"The manager that was there was horrible the assistant manager did not know anything about the job. Also, one person that worked there criticized everyone about doing work and she was the person that made most work possible and she was always in others business instead of doing her job."

Employé de gestion documentaire (Former Employee) says

"Formation inexistante, formé sur le tas, Responsable d'équipe respecte peu certaines personnes de son équipe va jusqu'à l'harcelement moral pour pousser la personne a partir d elle et la descrédite auprès de sol employeur. Les règles ne sont pas toutes les mêmes pour tout le monde. Si vous êtes pas aimé vous êtes sans arrêt convoqués. Aucun avantages sociaux,travail a la chaîne peu passionnant Pas d"

camera repair technician (Former Employee) says

"I thin the biggest problem with Canon Watford is it has the look of the sort of place you would really want to work for, but when you do the stitching on the expensive suit is shoddy. Not a great management and admin culture, clunk/dosen't really work and that seriously slows things down across the board. From the start the interview process was very protracted taking a staggering 7 weeks from start to finish (see above about admin) A good example of the mangement culture is HR. Have a problem that they need to resolve? don't bother, they will just tow the company line, even at the expense of breaking the law. They tried this in the summer of 2016 and when the employee went to the "law" over the issue, he was offered a cash settlement on the quiet. Not what i expected of such a large "respected" company and that is not an un common incident. The repair department is in efficiently managed, many simple procedures could be put in place but are unlikely to be. I suggested one and the manager took credit for it, nice bloke! The service department are always under pressure, generally understaffed and have a very high turnover of staff. The camera repair technician position generally comes around every year as does the first line sorters position. Breaks are often missed because of the pressure put on employees to meet targetscan buy extra hols canteen relatively clean environmentmanagement admin hr work target pressure"

Promotor (Former Employee) says

"De partida estas contratado por una empresa externa no directamente por canon, el sueldo es bajisimo vs otras marcas de promocion, metas inalcanzables, poca organizacion, los aguinaldos que dan son burla para los trabajadores, poca empatia con la gente que trabaja de promotor.NingunoTodas las contras"

Contract Advocate and Billing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"There is no room for advancement within the company. Management does not support the workers. There is no work/home life balance with in the company and would not recommend anyone to pursue a job here"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Canon was the worst place I worked Canons management is very hostile.Alwayys fighting with service technicians over numbers for there bonuses.Management never put customer firstNoneNone"

Telefonista (Former Employee) says

"los días pesados, sobre carga de llamadas, mal pagado,autoritarios, menos del salario mínimo trabajando casi turnos completos y doblando hrs, sanciones y descuentos sin argumento,mal ambiente de trabajo."

MFD Help Desk Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked at CBPS for 6 months, to the day. My last day was the day our employment was terminated without notice. Poor management. They belittle you even for a small mistake such as a mistype or missing punctuation. The policies are constantly changing without notice or word of the changes, we were expected to read the minds of management. We couldn't take a day off of work if ill or had a doctors appointment. -100/10, would not recommend a job with Canon."

MFD HELPDESK TECHNICIAN (Current Employee) says

"The management does not care about the staff. I worked there for almost 2 years, and never received a raise, or promotion. They laid us off without notice."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place to work if you are a minority and a temp. They Lie to you about everything from securing a position to not letting you know when your last day is. The managers are inhumane and this the most prejudice place to work at. If you are a minority, DO NOT APPLY TO CANON.NoneNone"

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Il y aurait tellement de choses à dire qu on ne sait par où commencer : le pire du moins bon reste le management, datant d’une autre époque, où on propulse des vendeurs à des postes où ils n’ont que faire de l’humain ! Les valeurs qu ils défendent à votre embauche ne sont pas du tout appliquées, on vous laisse crever dans un coin sans stratégie clairement définie ! Sans parler des réunions interminables pilotées par une direction aigrie, fatiguée de se lever le matin et qui aime se cacher derrière une pluie de slides indigestes ! Si le monde de la bureautique (bien qu’en perte de vitesse) vous passionne, évitez cette entreprise sinon vous en serez dégoûté à vie !Quand la journée se termineLe management, le salaire et les variables, les outils pour travailler, l’ambiance, la pression quotidienne"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"no raises, constantly requiring more and more from employees what more can i say favorites get it all people that speak the truth get the shaft. they got me out of a 3 week retirement to laid me off 2 years laternonenone"

Analista de atendimento ao cliente (Former Employee) says

"Empresa engessada, possui uma cultura arcaica e ultrapassada. Possui uma péssima gestão, não esta interessada no bem estar de seus funcionários. Trata seus clientes como idiotas.No Brasil não possuiPéssima gestão."

Contracts representative (Former Employee) says

"The managers are unprofessional and they think minorities are not smarter than them. It's clear that the white people get paid more than the minorities who actually have the degrees and experience."

Business and Process Analyst (Former Employee) says

"If you are person with any type of tint in your skin, stay away. They hire to meet a quota. They will not advance you and treat you as a second class citizen. Review their history with EEOC cases and filing to learn more.NoneMany"

Assistante commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Bonne expérience travail intéressant bonne ambiance de travail"

teleconseiller (Current Employee) says

"Pas recommandable, très peu payés, Gros problème d'organisation et de formation."

Regional Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Canon's management team need to be retrained by a professional. This company only cares about the client. Do not care about the employee well being. Not a good career."

Customer Contract Management Executive (Former Employee) says

"Canon brought in reps from "Canon Australia" on the guise of process improvement, but they weren't from Canon Australia, they were from an outsourcing company in the Philippines. Canon even went as far as to create false email addresses for these people. They were not loyal at all to employees that had been with them for a while. I'm not the only former employee that feels this way, but the only one who can say this out loud.Non-management people were amazingManagement doesn't care about loyalty"

Ben Ellison says

" customer service is terrible. I ordered a refurbished lens on Nov 28. The website and invoice say it was "in stock" but when I looked at my Canon account later, the lens was on backorder. Canon never told me. Then it got worse. I've never gotten through on the customer service phone line, though often tried. The customer email link didn't go anywhere and the Chat window was also unavailable. And then Chat turned out to be worthless when it did work today. They claim they can not tell me anything about delivery, or ship a new lens, or cancel my order. What may have been a chat bot said I had to call customer service and when I said that was impossible, it or they told me a new site under construction will fix that. So I don't have my $600+ lens, have no idea when Canon will ship it, and can't cancel the order without waiting on their phone line for possibly hours. And they could make that phone line less busy simply by allowing customers like me to cancel orders by email or chat. It's amazingly poor management compared to about every other online sales organization I've experienced. I'm really surprised that company like Canon would treat customers like this, though the problem may just be here in the USA."

XX says

"I have NEVER had so much problems by lousy customer service EVER than by company - I have been spending over 7 hours waiting and dealing with customer service agent after agent and ALL have been so inept that I have to call back - they ALWAYS make mistakes, their phone menu does not offer options to address the continuing problems; their website does not update information that I have registered the product - their SUPERVISORS also make mistakes. ALL has proven they are an awful company to deal with, or even buy products. FORGET CANON - save yourself hours of trouble and awful customer service and a waste of your time."

Johnny Bravo says

"I called canon at roughly 12:45 pm on 7/17/20. I waited for someone for over 30 minutes. After speaking with them I ask for a call back and the tech said yes. A call back was never returned nor was the replacement printer actually functional. This has been a complete waste of time and money for my business as well as my clients. Nothing has been done to correct the issue and I was only ignored by the reps... Call was for imageCLASS MF644Cdw.... I hope the company can trace the time to the terrible representative.."

Ark Pizarro says

"Ordered a camera as a birthday gift. After a full month of backorder (when it was supposedly in stock when I purchased) and being told it would ship tomorrow. I canceled the order and want to warn everyone of how bad this company is. Please do not buy from these people you will get lots of frustration and no products to show for it."

Phil says

"Drivers uuuuh. Nothing works, everything broken!!! New printer - Pixma 9150, latest Mac, latest drivers!"

Mike says

"Bought a Canon Pixma G1200 online. Doesn't come with USB cable to setup printer or to print with. No WiFi or internet capabilities. Why in the world would you make such a printer in this day and age. Avoid this cheap company. My wife and I will stick with Epson. I wish I could give 0 starts, which is how bad this company is. Can't even upgrade the printer to make it better."

CSc says

"While I have no criticism of the product itself as Canon is absolutely my preferred make of camera, I recently ordered the 6d directly from their website. I then found that Canon use UPS to deliver, so I took the day off work in order to sign for my camera between the enormous delivery window of 9am-9pm. At 8:07 on the delivery day the package is loaded onto the van, apparently, and since then it is nowhere to be seen. It has vanished. UPS can't tell me where it is, only that it wasn't delivered. I try to contact Canon in addition to UPS to help me, and their customer service is virtually inaccessible. I still have no camera, no explanation, no alternative and no help from either UPS or Canon. I'm so stressed and upset because that money was saved and hard earned and until this point Canon would be the only brand I would consider. This will deter me from any future purchases if not resolved. *Edit: I eventually got the camera, and it was faulty. Customer service stayed as bad, if not worse, but their technicians who repair the cameras are really lovely and fixed the faulty components while keeping me in the loop. 5/5 for repair workers but 0/5 for everything else."

P Pietersz says

"Where our (not cheap) Canon Pixma TS8050 was initially pleasant to work with, it quickly became clear that Canon does not want to leave any uncertainties about stopping feeding their dairy cow: "Scan to cloud is only available to genuine Canon ink users". So because I - unintentionally - ignore their own expensive INK, can I suddenly no longer SCAN to the cloud? Canon has already become so arrogant that they no longer try to put forward the argument of "the best performance with original cartridges". This is purely monopolistic, a gross insult to the long-standing principle "Customer is King" and I therefore advise everyone not to encourage this attitude. After liters of Chromalife 100 ink I now no longer buy any Canon products."

Otto Simon says

"so hard to connect to wifi"

Slinguser says

"Walmart had a Canon TS302 on BF for $39 dollars so I jumped and bought it to replace my HP Officejet 87xx series which died. I downgraded to a small printer which was just wireless and in a small form factor. The printer arrived and setup seemed simple till the Wi-Fi part. Since there is no LCD or keypad on the printer I spent nearly 50 minutes trying to figure it out. No instructions on in the manual and seemed nothing on Canon but Google tabs after tabs that opened. Finally, I went to YouTube where people gave an overview to set it up via Android or IOS. So I download the app on my iPhone still nothing worked with getting no printer found. Now the reason was the Canon app needs the user to allow second popup on the phone to set the location. Not sure why but once I allowed this the printer was found, and I could install it on all my computers. I worked computer support in college and after till moving up in IT. This is the worst way to get a printer installed on a home or office WIFI. Canon should have coded the software to detected the printer then prompt the user to enter the WIFI password to continue. No owner should have to use a tablet or phone to get this to work on WIFI to install it. I can assure you most home users would be going in circles on getting it on WIFI to install it, and if this how one installs it. Clearly tap a note on the printer saying "Read this to setup WIFI". After getting it setup. For $39 dollars I cannot complain it does its job, and if it dies.. I only lost $39 dollars against $150 or more from buying a more expensive printer. Time will tell how long this one lasts."

Nick L. says

"Terrible customer support"

Morphy Brown says

"Your color is good, but i'm still a fan of SONY!"

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